9 steps to cloud 9

When life loses its sense of meaning, boredom and depression sets in.

9 steps to cloud 9 brings back meaning to your life and is like having your own personal life coach egging you on 24/7! There is always more of you to discover, but to deny yourself the journey, and to chose safe and secure and familiar instead, is to miss out on what makes life delicious. You may be comfortable; but you won’t be fulfilled.

Rise and Shine onto Cloud 9!

The Succinct 25 Page E-Book That: 


  • Is designed for you to activate & follow your own intuition to your dreams realisation.
  • Rewires your thinking from “there is something wrong with me that I need to fix” to “watch out here I come!”
  • You Can dive or dip in & revisit frequently to keep you motivated & focussed no matter what phase or stage you are at.
  • Is an easy to follow and remember visual personal development reference system to your dreams realisation.
  • Is designed to get you unstuck by encouraging you to discover your own personally relevant “AHHA” moments! 
  • Makes the action you take a thousand times more effective!
  • Uses your past as a resource to fuel you to realise your dream.
  • Teaches you how to work with the“inner world” of your thoughts and feelings for better “outer world results 
  • Helps you find trust again and go with the flow
  • Helps you re-discover your ability to “play” with life again! (it WILL respond!)
  • Helps you to Live Your Life, True To Yourself & Find Your Own Way
  • You Can Plug and Play with any of Your Dreams
  • Works, even if you don’t know what you want!
  • Can be used ON THE GO 
  • Cuts through information overload and spells it out even when you are at your most confused or lost. 

So will you….


Your Dream Life?

Where did 9 steps to cloud 9 come from?

A Note From Amberli ~ 

When full details of this TV concept I was to be part of arrived ….I wasn’t delighted, even though it was a dream come true. In fact my immediate reaction was “how on earth did I get here?”, “I will need to lose weight first” and “who am I to think I can do this?” comparing myself with the professionals beside me and coming up short. I was shocked to find it brought every “I am not good enough” thought I had buried deep, to the fore, like no therapy or workshop could do. I realised “what is the point in doing all this personal development work and therapy if it doesn’t translate into being able to embrace life’s amazing opportunities when they show up?” I looked for something like it, but it didn’t exist.

I didn’t need:

  • inspirational sayings,
  • individual articles on success,
  • screeds of advice from experts telling me they were where I was once and now look at them!
  • to be told to think positive,
  • I didn’t even want motivational stories of rags to riches.
  • I felt like there was too much information and nowhere authentic I could take my dilemma, because while one adviser would take me into my past history (again) another would help me “cut off from the negative”. What I needed was a reference point that joined all the pieces–a simplified guide that translated the over complicated to show me how to move on from my past and use it to create my future …..on the move.

What I wanted was:

For my difficult past to finally stop dictating my present and future – and I wanted it NOW without going all round the houses with a therapist! 

But at that time the pull from my past was still too strong, despite a life-time of processing it, I had had enough! All I could do as I crashed was observe and learn. 

I started to understand that within a dream is the most exquisite personalised development programme factored in. The goal isn’t to simply arrive at a place where everything is perfect, so you feel confident, and so NOW can move forward. Dreams are much more messy than that! They are not trying to make you perfect either – they help you discover the wholeness of who you really are. The creation of your dream draws from the good, the fabulous, the bad and ugly from your past because THAT is where it comes from, and so the journey to it holds the key to you finding you.

When I looked back on my 25 years working with clients to let go of their past and create a bright new future I recognised patterns in their revelations as well as my own that 9 steps to cloud 9 simplifies. I wrote a full manuscript on the subject but it took me 4 years to SIMPLIFY it! It is my dream that by providing you with this essence of all you need to move beyond being stuck in permanent “therapy mode” you will create for yourself the bright new fulfilling future you deserve to live now.

With Love


I want to personally thank every client whose journey I have been honoured to witness over the past 25+ years, because you each helped me understand, devise and simplify this process so others can benefit.


Here are some kind words from some from the past few years:

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say Thank you! 9 steps to Cloud 9 is absolutely AWESOME! Thank you Thank You Thank You! “Because life is less about what the eye sees and more about what the soul feels!” You feed my soul through your words. Have a great day!”

Mitz Giannakos

Calgary, Canada

My life has been transformed and I feel alive for the first time in years! Thank you Amberli for being you. Your ability to facilitate such a special journey with compassion understanding and love is incredible. Thankyou

Rosie Frost

Nelson, NZ - from Education to hypnotherapist

“Amberli has been instrumental in helping me to find my voice, reclaim my confidence and embrace who I really am.”

Sonia Therese

Christchurch, NZ - from Resilience lecturer to eco- designer

“Amberli is a beautiful and passionate women who I believe works deeply on a soulful level. I will be eternally grateful for the healing, her presence and the gifts she has given to me within these sessions. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with or alongside Amberli will be truly blessed.” 

Astarea Rae from Christchurch

to Australia

 “After working with Amberli I am released from a tonne of old emotions that had me in a confused mess unable to be happy. “

Ian Clarkson

Nelson, NZ - from NZ Mental Health Services to Accountant

“Amberli has a healing gift and loving care for others that are apparent in her work, which I beleive bring a vital element to what she does. For the first time in my life I am able to feel relaxation, peace, wholeness and wellbeing to the very core of my being. I have a calmness of mind I have never known before. Thank you Amberli, I so appreciate that you were there for me when I needed help. ”

Ann Edwards

“Amberli’s skills are immense and even fun! I would thoroughly recommend Amberli if you are thinking about making your life even better than it already is.”

Nick Hanham

Motueka, NZ – Mum & massage therapist

“I work as a therapist in a doctor’s surgery and I can certainly see the value of having an individual like Amberli in the mental health field. She has a warm, compassionate personality and is able to easily establish rapport and encourage confidence with whoever she is working with.”


NZ Mental Health Services

Awww shucks Thanks Xx

BTW Peacemakers came 2nd in an international TV Format Competition! It then gained the interest of a very well known TV Production Company, but it didn’t quite happen… however without it I would never have created 9 steps to cloud 9 and as a result I feel more ready and equipped for opportunities than ever before! 

I always say & believe “all my dreams have come true – and the rest are just pending!”


So will you….


Your Dream Life?

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