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Founder Of The Insight Board Self Empowerment Method

How I became a Self Empowerment Expert:

OK, so I’m not really a self empowerment expert but the Thousands of Women who I have helped go from Trying To Please Others by Doing the Right Thing, to Living Their Life Their Way, think I am.

It all started when I was an insecure yo-yo dieting teen unable to fit in and not okay with my me-ness. I was studying advertising when the penny dropped; I realised that in order to trigger desire to stimulate sales, advertisers were deliberately making women feel inadequate. (Say What?)  I was so not ok with this. So that made me an “odd ball”, and a livid one at that. Over night, I stopped trying to fit in. In self-justified defiance I started tearing up magazines to create evidence of what was going on. Gradually my crazy calmed down as these morphed into the insight boards that we know and love today; I discovered:

Not only can these images be used to manipulate you to buy stuff; the same part of your mind has its own intelligence and talks in pictures that you can learn to “read” to tap into your own inner wisdom and guidance, free from the random opinion of others. 

So I am now really grateful for all those magazines because without them I couldn’t have discovered insight boards!

After I got my HNC I was well equipped for the future. I had discovered that in order for an industry to survive the problem that it solves must stay alive too; so I went as far in the opposite direction as I could and in my 20’s set up and ran a natural therapy centre (before the industry exploded to what it is today.) That’s when I discovered I was not alone – women everywhere everyday secretly disclosed to me how much they hated their bodies. They were saying exactly what I used to think – and they ALL did it, no exceptions. So I dedicated more than 25 years of my life to changing those damaging perceptions quietly one woman at a time behind the scenes; and at last……. long last …… just as my patience was wearing thin – things are finally changing. Women are rising up and saying NO to this bullshit & YES to being ok with who they are.


But, It’s Not Just Your Body It’s Stuff Too

You are also constantly duped to think you want more stuff in the name of success so you can feel good about your achievements and yourself. Deceptive marketing carrots are dangled to make you think that when you get the big house, the boat & the flash cars that happiness will be yours for the taking – that’s why vision boards are often full of them. Let me tell you I have been there in real life. I even had my own seminar building, & it’s not true. In some ways it actually makes your life worse, because you have to “manage” all of that stuff; so what was once your freedom can become your ball and chain.

We were living “the American dream”, It looked so good on the outside but I had to admit that I didn’t want what we had created anymore. The joy was in the journey! So it took guts, but we gave it all up, downsized and migrated back to Uk. Now we live a much free-er existence. That’s why I say – and truly believe “happiness is an inside job.” It is my joy and pleasure to share what I have come to know with you so you can avoid the mistakes I made and benefit from the insights I have gained through working with such a broad range of amazing women over the years and so you can truly know and experience what it is to live a life that feeds your soul. 

BIMGA ambassador

Nutriri Training Partner

Co-Author of The Change

Insights into personal empowerment

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1989 National Certificate Communication & Media Studies

1990 Higher National Certificate Advertising & The Media

1992 Therapeutic Massage College of Holistic Medicine

1993 Personal Development College of Holistic Medicine

1996 Certified SHEN Practitioner – SHEN physio-emotional release therapy (4 years training)

1999 Feng Shui Practitioner – Feng Shui Academy IN Buxton

2003 Certified SHEN Therapist – Advanced Practitioner

2003 Feng Shui Association Accredited Practitioner

2008 CFMW Access Consciousness 1,2,3

2008 Oneness Deeksha Facilitator – Fiji (@ Tony Robbins)

2010 Diploma of Holistic Life Coaching – Life Coach Associates Christchurch

2010 Oneness Trainer – Oneness University & Temple India

2016 Oneness Phenomenon & Gift Deeksha Giver

2018 Source and Synchronicities – (Oneness Uni & Oneness Academy combined)