I’m not a conventional medical doctor but logic tells me to ask when will these variants behave themselves and stop being out of control?

It’s important to study the cause of any disease as has happened for many years in complimentary medicine. If all we do is try to change the effects – otherwise known as symptoms, then this process can go on forever. With something as serious as a variant we need to ask what will it take to nip this dis-ease in the bud before it is given the chance to generate more havoc?

My personal reflection is there are many contributing factors to this situation that can not be ignored:   Firstly following up on my last blog perhaps now it is time to integrate health services?

Many people have been asking for change in this area for years and years and perhaps this could be the opportunity for that change. Perhaps now is the best time for the truth to come out and set us free?

As an experienced complimentary health practitioner my burning question is

How can we work together to find out what works?

Recently I got a really sore mouth ulcer, in fact, two. Not only that, they were both on my tongue. I always pay attention to what my body is trying to tell me, because that is the holistic (whole picture) model of health. A complementary health practitioner therefore sees every symptom as the tip of the iceberg of a deeper cause. Over this past couple of years, like so many, my stress levels have been through the roof. It’s been a steep learning curve getting to grips with how this virus behaves and what it is trying to tell us. I have to admit my diet has been abysmal by health standards. I have over eaten and had a craving for all the “bad” processed foods. Give me a packet of crisps over a salad any day of the week. No not the small ones – the big giant ones please. It seemed crazy at a time when looking after health was a top priority, but it wasn’t about the food. To be honest  it wasn’t about the comfort either; It was to keep my mouth shut and stop me saying anything I might regret later.

This is a cruel and silent war we are unknowingly in now. The enemy is not the coronavirus. It’s silence keeps you blissfully unaware and distracted from the fact that there is currently a raging battle happening outside of your television screen and social media. I had a load of theories, as well as the cure for the coronavirus sitting in the cupboard, which is L-Lysine. I had to wait and watch to see if the theories I had been watching were true or not. I had to fully engage with every question and just like a scientist experiment to find the answers.  The jury may still be out on some of those theories, but one thing is for sure

the dis-ease in my body is the physical manifestation of this mental/emotional cause.

So if this blog achieves one thing it is to encourage other health workers to start speaking out and being our true “NHS” heroes, not the pre-marketed heroes we all clapped at who were innocently lined up to push the devious government agenda.

Something few medical people realize is no symptom is random:  In holistic health we join the dots and look at the whole picture. It is a slower approach to health but

by identifying the root cause and addressing it, you can nip dis-ease in the bud to prevent problems later, so in the long run this way saves time and money.

The physical body is only the tip of the iceberg. By the time the body has revealed the physical symptom, the mental and emotional story behind the scenes that caused it has been going on for some time. Look to what that is and address that – and the effects will vanish.  This is the principle all complementary health practitioners adhere to and it is governed by the innate wisdom of the body.  However focusing on the cause instead of the symptoms is very bad news for drugs companies because they profit financially from making the effect go away. Think about that for a moment. If they profit, why would they want that result to stop? Well, guess what?….they don’t.

I’m sorry to break this news that pretty much every complimentary health practitioner has worked out the hard way. This is a very big machine we are dealing with, one that has duped many into believing in its efforts to make a dis-ease go away as if it wasn’t wanted, but It’s all a big act. I am not saying that medical practitioners don’t care. Not at all. I have met some very kind and considerate medical professionals who genuinely believe in what they are doing. Therein lies the problem though; This is the root cause of what we face right now. Even worse, the public put their trust and faith in them to save them from this deadly virus. The wheels are falling off this pharmaceutical master plan that has been years in the making, but you won’t see it in mainstream media because I am afraid they are in on it too. Again, not necessarily the individuals involved are to blame; the potential for the machine itself to be used to bring positive change is there, but the oil that keeps that machine moving poses a massive problem.

So lets say you have NHS workers who are becoming aware of this, AND you have people working in the media aware of it too. BUT they have mortgages to pay, they want to support their families and do what is needed to hold onto their job. All may be trembling in fear of the powers that shouldn’t be pulling the plug on this “security” but that is why this machine keeps on running unchecked. No one speaking up, but many are waking up to what is really going on. So they hop on social media to say their piece.

Nope – sorry they’ve got that all tied up too.

I created a channel called “Truth Media”. I put up 3 videos and within 6 minutes, 2 were taken down due to “violating community standards”. I had NO community! No subscribers and no views except my own from when I was checking the video! (I don’t think that is counted)

Are you telling me that was logarhythms?

Hello  – I was “The Bristol Variant” – remember me?! It might surprise you to discover a targetted individual spotted for being a “troublemaker” in the early days could cause so much havoc. To realise a variant is a person and not a virus strain, might just blow your mind and challenge all your theories exponentially . You see, so you won’t believe me, from the  outset of this pre-planned vaccine push agenda I am cleverly labelled “a nutter” by Boris. This psychologically separates us, because no one wants to be one of those – right? I am  what has been termed a “conspiracy theorist”, or truth researcher as I prefer to call it. Unfortunately being aware of what is actually going on means I was  ring-fenced and unable to reach you online when during lockdown that was the only method of communication. Believe me that strain goes way beyond medical. Easy to laugh; but tell me who could I turn to and where could I go for help? How quickly would those labels be activated? Then what would happen?

People like me get called “anti-vaxxers” all the time, and tin hat foil wearers, yet apparently walking around with a thin piece of paper across your mouth will save you from a deadly virus.  Mental health laws have been lined up ready to catch out people like me, separate us, and lock us away for not conforming to their evil agenda and risking waking others up to the truth of what is really going on while you watch Tik Tok videos of dancing nurses. It used to take 3 Doctors signatures to section a person whereby they lose all their rights; since the pandemic it only takes one. What changed?

I don’t call myself any of those, I choose what and who I call myself, no one else has that right unless I consent. I am not a nutter. Any health professional knows how hard we have to work to dispel stigma around mental health no matter what side of the health fence we are on. This “plandemic” has been a massive mental and emotional challenge for everyone, no one is exempt.

If this pandemic teaches us one lesson it has to be how insane their agenda is.

Our “prime minister” calling people who choose to take responsibility for their own health “a nutter” is clearly not aware of the amount of effort made to try and connect with and help people  who are  experiencing mental health challenges. Given the state of him during his recent “Peppa Pig Debarcle” I surmise he is just a puppet because I have become wise to their devious, corrupt and  cruel manipulation techniques that make thinking straight and acting sane near impossible.

I am just an average freedom lover who doesn’t want to give up the freedom many lost their lives to make sure we could enjoy the privilege of .  If we give that up, then they died in vain or suffered PTSD for nothing. How best can we honour their memory and thank them for the invisible role they played to gift us our freedom? A good start would be to keep it.

Let’s examine first how we got into this situation. How does wearing a mouth covering and following arrows and sanitizing away all the natural oils from our hands control a virus? It is  time to wake up and stop vaccine passports now.

I know we are generally discouraged from joining dots. But understand that all this I’m sharing adds up to me and others in my boots running scared for more than a year now, because I could lose more than just my job. I have had no one to turn to, except my fellow freedom fighters. They have been my life-line, but even to them I couldn’t put what I have been going through into words. A call here and there with a friend who took what was happening with the agenda seriously, or a march with people waving banners that said what I was thinking, was all it took to help me stay semi sane in an insane world. We are now in the situation that what would have once been considered insane is now called sane, and what was once sane is now called insane. Still don’t believe me? Do you remember when walking into a bank with a mask on would have alerted the authorities? Now you are in trouble if you don’t wear one!

Rewind back to when I first wrote this blog: I am sitting in Pret in Ealing right now – yes I said that SITTING. After months of not being able to put your bag on a table while you order your click and collect takeaway, I am at a table all by myself; it’s like a dream come true! It’s the simple things that make a big difference and I’d like to think we will come out of this whole experience wiser and more grateful.  I tried to sit next to someone earlier, but he leapt out of his skin and pulled his food away from me, so I got the hint. Fair enough, it is very dangerous when that piece of paper comes off so you can put food in your mouth as the rules allow. I’m wondering how many of the 9 people in the queue next to me, all wearing masks, have willingly run for the vaccine, and yet are still wearing their mask? Round the corner is a huge poster telling me if I am eligible for the vaccine I should take it. On the side of a building is a huge billboard of happy people whose lives have been “saved by the vaccine”. Before covid broke out I had switched careers to professional acting, something I finally admitted to myself I really wanted to do. I saw the casting call for those photos months before the vaccine was out.  However my fledgling career was nipped in the bud because I refuse tests, masks and vaccines and the ridiculous rules on set that are in place already.  Tests are another huge money spinner and notoriously inaccurate. Don’t get me started! The person who created them and said they are not being used for what they are meant for is sadly no longer with us. He said they were never intended as a test, and “they” got him. If we don’t say NO to them and all the rest, and if we keep playing this game then when will it stop?

The bottom line is we NEED whistleblowers NOW more than ever. They are all to be found in the telegram app on your phone, that’s where they have been rounded up. If you think facebook is active, try any telegram group about the flip side of the pandemic. Censorship on you tube is rife. Bitchute is where it is at, or patreon. Early on, thank God the “nutters” pulled out the stops and created alternatives that the powers that shouldn’t be can’t access ready for the new wave of awakened individuals who have learned the hard way what I am saying here.

I think my ulcers came to kick me into action and tell me now was the time to start speaking up, finally. I am so grateful that  I am not an island anymore, plus I have found the fear so exhausting I can’t keep it up anyway! When I say I have had no one to turn to, I am not being dramatic. I have lived on a knife edge this past year or so, barely able to think straight and not functioning very effectively. I have been scared to do anything for fear of the consequences and have avoided people in order to protect them. My house has been a mess, I haven’t engaged with many people and I will leave you to join the dots: and no I don’t suffer from depression.

I live(d) in Bristol, I have some South African friends who I keep in touch with on my phone, which is tapped. To test out my theory about possibly being the Bristol variant, I deliberately stayed in hotels in Kent to keep my behaviour consistent somewhere and give me some headspace. I have the receipts to prove it; although to do that during lockdowns I did have to say I was a key worker working for the NHS improvement scheme,  because the government was committing fraud, telling so many lies, that they shoved the whole country out of alignment without a modicum of truth in what they were saying. Strictly speaking it is true, I am trying to improve the NHS! Do you remember the Kent South African Variant?

I could never have managed over this time if I hadn’t regularly joined in with live meditations coming from India.   I wanted to donate some money as a thankyou because these sessions are offered for free. However I had written a blog that I put up on linked in for half an hour once. In it I suggest following the money to understand what is really going on.

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t said that because Im pretty sure that wherever I used my bank card the virus spread, I know how far-fetched that sounds, but this is how these people work. To intimidate you you get personalised signs that only you will recognise.   However as I don’t know whether I am being paranoid or things are coincidental, which keeps me on permanent edge, some events have showed me I need to be extremely careful, especially around money. So to break the trail,  I use cash. I was about to donate some money online  in India and after filling in the form it asked to know the “intention” of the money I was giving. I realized that given what I had been dealing with and the efforts being made to set me up, I couldn’t risk my intention being made out to be something other than gratitude. It had actually got that serious. This is only the tip of the iceberg.  So I deleted the form. Then after continuing with regular meditations it dawned on me that I may or may not be imagining things, but either way I can’t be held responsible for other peoples actions, reactions, choices, or non actions and I want to thank and support any good people who make a positive difference by protecting and supporting other innocent people. But isn’t that precisely what i am being prevented from doing by withdrawing? I can’t do anything about other people twisting what I say or do to suit their own agenda, silencing me to ensure I don’t take action, but nor can I keep living my life bending like a pretzel just in case my suspicions are correct, so I decided to make the donation anyway….

The next thing I knew there was an Indian variant!

Yet all these people are doing is helping reduce the mental and emotional stress of the lockdowns and uplifting and empowering people, so what does this response tell you?  Like all whistleblowers, I didn’t want to put my head above the parapet in case it gets chopped off. These regular meditations have been a life line to disperse the fear. There have been many more coincidences like this with no one telling me what is going on and situations clearly getting worse. Each one has been a clear personalised “don’t you dare” message. I have been damned if I do and damned if I don’t. The coronavirus ACT is an act  it is not a law and never should be made into one. The difference between an  act and a law is  only a law if you consent to it, if you do not consent to it, it is not law. So therefore everyone is being forced to act under duress. Furthermore it is being pushed under the guise of being an emergency, yet no emergency act has ever been recinded in history so far yet. There is a chance this one could be if we join forces and say enough is enough. Police are stepping down and joining forces with people all around the world now as they realise what has been going on, but you wont see this on mainstream media. In fact you won’t see anything on MSM that does not merge with the World Economic Forum Agenda.

We have a breather right now that is being claimed to be due to success of the vaccine roll out; but the government have spent millions on covid advertising just when it was supposed to be coming to an end. Why would they do that?

I am hoping my unique circumstances can be used to guide people to recover from this horrific dis-ease that we have all had to work together to get on top of.

I receive word from a friend that the Indian Government had proof that this variant was a hoax, it was then “rebranded” by WHO who renamed it “The Delta Variant”. So please be aware that if/when the next wave of the virus rears its ugly head that this is the effects of the vaccine, not the virus. South Africa have been the experimental playground for the elite to devastate with dangerous vaccines for too long, it is their time to say NO and show those of us in the dark what has been going on.

The good thing about variants is this though; as any virologist knows, they demonstrate that the original virus is weakening. In other words imagine if the original virus was concentrated orange juice, then water has been added, so although there is more, it is weaker and so much less of a threat. So obviously no more vaccines are required.

I took a homeopathic remedy for my ulcers and they all went within the week.  So let’s stop the real virus now – LIES – and together put out this fire that we didn’t start. We need to put aside our differences that divide us and see the bigger picture, join forces and speaking up about what is really going on behind the scenes. If you have something you are bursting to say start by asking others who are in the same boat as you how they feel and what they think. The chances are you are not alone in your thoughts and fear – and this is how we end a pandemic. “They” rely on the fact that no one wants to be the only one to make a fuss, disrupt the status quo and challenge the narrative and their agenda. I have learnt this last couple of years that  it is our fear that silences us AND consequently gives the enemy traction.  These consequences are too massive to allow them any more freedom. Lets take back our reins.

They need to be controlled and disciplined and pulled into line, not a virus, and certainly not we the people  imho.

The day after I wrote this blog this came out ….. they have broken the laws they set and committed treason repeatedly … and here they go again …

and what “they” dont want you to know is they represent only 1% of the population; they can fit in one room

so we are the ones who have been giving them the power

&  the jig is up now!

We are 99%

I have since moved house to an undisclosed location and parted from my family for our safety. My 1st blog was on Linked In for half an hour – this one I didn’t dare release until now given what happened straight after. So now that we have the new OMRICON variant in South Africa …….(oh – come on, are you kidding me?)….. how are we going to stop it?

If you are scared – welcome to the human race! During this experience I have got to know my common law rights and became a peace constable, it really helps to empower you to stand your ground: No harm, injury or loss and honour contracts. Stick with that and you are on the right side of the law.  It’s true and way more simple and fair than the corrupt system that has caused us to give our government free rein. Therefore you do not have to agree to the contract being offered (ie the experimental vaccine) Know that the corruption is multi-faceted, with every facet within the system woven together with lies, that many are unaware of and genuinely beleive they are doing the right thing. Therein lies the challenge, this awakening is as much about re-education as it is about health.

Be on the right side of history and make your kids proud. What part can you play given your position, contacts, experience, skills, knowledge, talents,  abilities and God given gifts? Now it is time for you to shine! No matter what your life has been like so far you have a role to play in this.  People naturally come together in crisis. Yet we were told to “socially distance” , this is a contradiction and will aid to  confuse. The  situation we are in now is too big to worry about competition because it can not be solved by one person. What is needed is for the truth to reveal itself so that teams can collaborate effectively. Trust that you and your message if you ahve one are wanted and needed.Hold onto your hats..

We’ve Got This!