A Fresh Start For Your Conscious Business

The truth will come out about this plandemic and we will ride through this chaos and come out the other side triumphant. So you and your business need to be ready and in alignment for what that future looks like. Thats why you are here on this page now searching for a solution to a myriad of new problems; you need fresh solutions, and fast. Let’s talk

Think outside the box

I believe that when you can make a positive difference you deserve to make a good living doing what you love too

~ Amberli Hartwell


Leading up to this unprecedented time, the details of which, few could predict, not only was the game of business changing, but the whole damn playing field too. This is undoubtedly the most stressful and frustrating time for anyone in business, but it is also full of potential while we transition from old to new; Problems mean opportunities and with feng shui you have an advantage, because feng shui is about creating your desired future.


Here are some other companies that invest in feng shui, that you may recognize …

Did you know the place you live or work from can have a direct impact on your success levels?

Or that your surroundings can be subtly tweaked to act as a blueprint for success? No, of course not, that sounds crazy, right?

Yet these companies above know that and have been investing in feng shui experts to advise them accordingly for many years. If you don’t know about Feng shui; it’s because “they” don’t want you to know … because Feng shui empowers you and your business by giving you a competitive advantage. Where does it come from? It is an ancient Chinese Art dating back 5000 years.

So ….

+ You don’t know what else to do because you are being forced to make decisions without information. With feng shui you have a new way to work smarter, not harder.

+ That means, even though you are completely in the dark, you can still make progress .

+You can give your business and team a much needed boost even though you face an uncertain future.

+ While you and your team are stuck at home you can tap into not just ONE building, as you would with a business premises consultation, but as many as there are people in your team!

+ This shift from aimlessness to clear direction will instil a much needed sense of hope into your team morale, to reduce stress.

+ Not only will you access this untapped resource, but this will be a fascinating team building process. We will collaborate on the future direction of your company and the difference it can make in creating a more financially and environmentally sustainable future. This is the future we face now, whether we like it or not.

+let me give you an insight into normal situations that feng shui can help improve like these strange surprisingly specific repeated traits such as;

      • lots of enquiries that don’t lead to sales
      • people just come in to my shop, use the loo and go
      • customers have dried up for no reason since I moved premises to across the road
      • customers keep cancelling last minute or not showing up

I make simple and easy to apply feng shui recommendations according to your needs to get your surroundings working for you instead of against you, so these “symptoms” disappear.

I am never short of ideas, so if you have hit a wall, let discuss how I can help you and your team get on a new track.

“Amberli thanks so much for helping to wake up my business! In the past few weeks I’ve had a steady stream of new clients contacting me from all directions, and I am glowing”

Rosie Withey

Horses as Teachers

Does your business run you or do you run your business?

There is a lot to juggle when you run a business and you would probably prefer to work IN your business than ON it. Feng Shui has everything to do with attraction, so it is highly effective at taking the struggle out of drawing your ideal clients to you.

Feng Shui builds a bridge between you and your customers so they notice you more easily

Nearly every business is currently in a state of transition.  I have integrated my skills to ensure you are squarely on your ideal clients radar. My therapy background along with my advertising training means I have an in depth understanding of personal issues that your ideal clients may be suffering from, that you could help with, but may be overlooking. I can therefore help you build a bridge with a unique combination of marketing concepts & feng shui aligned to draw your ideal clients to you like a magnet.

I have applied feng shui to a wide variety of conscious businesses such as therapy centres, individual therapists and various organic companies but also businesses that are not considered conscious, such as vineyards & motels.

I respect that many of my clients prefer to keep their feng shui confidential and to be honest I have been chronically bad at gathering testimonials over the years! (In the old days they were nice compliments, nowadays they are “social proof”) ; but Sue was happy to share hers;

“Amberli’s feng shui input during the major refurbishment of our tavern, proved to be invaluable to the success of our business. We expanded and so called her in to help before we opened our second tavern too!

This time we also wanted Amberli to help us tackle a particularly difficult history well known by locals. We knew we were taking a big risk but Amberli was able to guide us regularly and join us in our vision by subtly integrating feng shui within our decision making to ensure we would not go down the same road as the previous owners. It’s as if the old building doesn’t exist any more and we now run 2 successful taverns! Amberli is easy to work with I highly recommend her services –”

Sue Bloomsfield

The Sprig & Fern Tavern



Your specific pre-identified desires and needs are held in the heart of your consultation. I translate the some-times confusing subject of feng shui into simple terms that make it relevant to you.

I make recommendations based on what you want to achieve by aligning your surroundings to support your intentions to bring about your desired external change.

Therefore it is important you carry through on what I suggest which will always be practical and in keeping with your tastes and preferences and branding. No one will even know you feng shui ed your business – but when they see the change in you and your business, they will likely ask you what your secret is!


Logos are symbols that structure information, embody the soul of an organization AND shape its future

~ Amberli Hartwell

Large companies recognize the importance of logos and their role in brand recognition, often investing thousands of dollars and hours to decide the smallest tweak! However what very few people realize is that a logo dictates the future of a company because of the basic principle: Image precedes Matter (as with feng shui) It is therefore an ideal focal pointfor the future intention of an organization and it seems a pity to miss this simple opportunity to create a desired future.

Case Study – Life is full of surprises!

Stephanie in Switzerland wanted to leave behind her medical writing background but experienced no end of problems trying to get her healthy walking business off the ground.

You can see that although her logo is a clever concept showing the medical heart beat pattern, closer inspection reveals the path of the walker can either trip and fall down holes, or be blocked by the steep incline in front. This image accurately reflected the non-progressive and frustrating road she was actually experiencing. My recommendation in this case was to reposition the walker with the heartbeat behind at least online and eventually in print.

However sometimes the “sabotage” revealed in these unconscious choices can reveal a deeper hidden desire: Following her first coaching session she realized her own heart was not in it! She was far more interested in interior design and being creative! She chose to focus on training in what she is passionate about instead:

I applied feng shui to her studio space accordingly and she noticed a big motivational and inspirational shift. Inspired by my make a mindfulness board video series she created stunning unusual collage artwork, which she gained commissions for! This helped fund her new direction in a way that was in alignment with her passions.

This one cleverly expresses the preening in the corporate world.


Don’t worry I am aware you may have already spent a lot of time, effort and money on your marketing so I am not looking to revamp it from scratch unless you want me to work with your team. I respect what you have achieved so far and look for small hinges that can swing big doors – wide open!

If you only want the feng shui service for your business then please book a fresh start feng shui session and state it is for your business.

If you are involved in family businesses,  I have first hand knowledge and experience of the complexities of running one. I married into a forth generation 150 year old family business and assisted my husband to close his despite expectation by family that he would continue it against his will. I don’t mean you should close yours! but for him that was the right way to go.

You are an Indomitable Warrior - You Just Don't Know it Yet!

Over the years I have come to specialise in helping innocent people who are trapped in extremely unjust circumstances to spread their wings despite the odds being against them. While my work is 100% confidential (and even being my client is confidential) I use unconventional methods that surprise even me! My background as a therapist has given me insights into both what horrific acts humans are capable of but also to never doubt the courage and power that the human spirit is capable of to heal and resolve even the most complex situations. If you are stuck then please arrange to have a chat with me in confidence. I’m well aware how people get set up by others and then look like they are the criminal.

“I found your meditation easy which is unique. I usually find it hard to listen and concentrate but I was immediately relaxed with yours. As an executive director myself I can certainly see how this could help high achievers to de-stress while on the move “

Johny ODonnel

Shift On Nz