Attract Your Soul Mate

Just as most men don’t realize very few women are interested in them being macho and having a 6 pack, most women don’t realise most men don’t want you to look so called “perfect” or skinny either, yet that’s the image we are being told to live up to. From listening to a lot of women, I reckon top of the list of what women want in a relationship is someone who is “sensitive with a good sense of humour”. Well, guess what?! … most men, the decent ones – the sensitive ones with a good sense of humour, struggle hard to get across to their partners that they like them just as they are and that includes their curves . What these sensitive men with a good sense of humour want ……ah….is for you to just be yourself! Relaxed and Confident in your own skin. 

Just as women are lead to believe they are supposed to be a certain way, so too are men.

Is it any wonder it’s so hard to “just be yourself”

Ditch Perfectionism

The insanity of the image game is you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If you try to look good for guys, then you are not being yourself, if you are stereo-typically beautiful then you likely have a painful past of partners who liked how you made them look. Nobody wins, because even women who look fantastic secretly don’t feel good about themselves anyway.

Make your life less about what the eye sees and more about what your soul feels

  • You know you can’t get across who you really are in a sea of online profiles.
  • Have you had enough of going out with guys “with potential?”
  • When you give speed dating a go, is there a voice inside saying “what on earth are you doing?” coz it is not really your way of doing things, but you don’t know what else to do?
  • Do you worry that only the creeps are left and the best ones are all taken?
  • Do you have to look the other way when you see couples entwined (& why do they have to rub it in anyway?) *Are you finding your efforts to tempt fate with parties and online dating are attracting grease balls?
  • Are you fed up of having the whole sofa to yourself and would love a “fight” over who has the remote control with someone other than your cat?
  • Are Your Ready to attract a sensitive, attentive, committed man, (with a good sense of humour!) who loves and adores you for who you are instead?

It sucks being single when you don’t want to be and until now there seems to be so little you can do about it, other than scroll the web, go to bars and clubs and hope to strike it lucky one day. You don’t know what else to do so you delve head first into your work.


But what if you being single is your homes fault and has NOTHING to do with YOU ?!

Helping you to attract your Soulmate is my passion

Its what got me into feng shui in the first place! I had a long history of painful failed relationships which lead me to a ton of self development work. I had pretty much given up hope and resigned myself to being left on the shelf. I threw myself into running my therapy centre, until I heard of feng shui –”the practice of analyzing and influencing your surroundings in order to enhance quality of life”. I couldn’t wait to try something completely different that wasn’t yet another therapy that made me feel like there was something wrong with me for being single.

I always loved homes and interiors and could now combine that with my other passions, energy, symbolism, colour and making dreams come true!

I had been single for a year and feng shui was a revelation! Within a week I had a new boyfriend who lasted for a year, the longest yet at that time. I was so fascinated by the subject that I trained professionally and met my soul mate when he knocked on the front door of my feng shui-ed home! This year is our 20th wedding anniversary!

At LONG LAST there is something you can actually DO to give cupid a helping hand!

“Shortly after Amberli’s feng shui consulatation, a special relationship manifested, in a very strong, immediate way. My partner and I have now been together over 7 years and married for 4.
Amberli has such a flare for interiors and many years experience with feng shui but the thing I remember most is her sense of fun! So for fun with feng shui with Amberli that works, call Amberli ~ seriously”

Linda Hanslip

“I had no luck in love since living in my home so I was willing to try anything. Amberli said the angle of the wall in my sitting room was affecting my luck in love so she made some changes and by the end of the month I had a new boyfriend!”

Fiona Morton-Glasgow

“I was seeing Amberli for coaching and had been single for 10 years since living in my home. So Amberli took a look at my house and showed me how my stairwell split my house in two making it hard for me to attract a relationship. It was true! I thought I would have to move house if I wanted a partner but she made some changes and soon after my consultation, I started a new relationship! Amberli is fantastic to work with and I recommend her as a life coach as well as a feng shui coach. Thanks a million Amberli”

Helen Clarke,

Nelson, NZ (not the prime minister!)

“Originally Amberli came to help me sell my house, the photographer was coming in 2 hours and the house was a tip. She worked fast and gutted it with me, I couldn’t believe the difference –it was night and day. She returned later after it was on the market to make specific changes related to my love life. Not only did my house sell within a couple of months, but by the time I moved out I had a new partner!”

Fiona Ramsey

Motueka, NZ

“Amberli pinpointed a picture in my house and asked me about its history. I don’t know how she knew to ask because apparently it was visually a perfect picture from a feng shui perspective. An ex boyfriend gave it to me when I was hoping we would move in together, but it was identical to the one in his flat that I liked. I took that to mean he didn’t want us to move in together, so we fell out about it and broke up. Amberli made me realise that now I was looking at it every day it was stopping me from being able to move on. She was right! We took it down and half an hour later the phone rang and I was asked out on a date!”



“I lost my husband and was having trouble moving on, I felt guilty for wanting to. Amberli identified some miniature cannons that he made were pointing towards my bed! She helped me see that they represented how I was feeling. My wardrobe was also full of his clothes. Clearing everything out was cathartic and the pain in my chest vanished. To cut a long story short I met and married a lovely man and Amberli and Jim attended our wedding. I am very happy and at peace with myself now. “

May Falconer

Stoke, Nelson NZ

“I was single and on the verge of depression when Amberli came to check out my flat…. I described relationships as really hard work. Amberli pointed out my bedroom was full of pictures of people working really hard. It was obvious when she showed me, so we changed them and the following week was incredible; I got asked out twice, and got 2 surprise job offers!”

James Christie


“Amberli nailed the problem my husband and I were having after she found 3 broken phones in a cupboard! My partner was on the phone every night following up business while I sat watching TV. She suggested that instead of creating a divide between the two of us we both needed to create a divide between the business and both of us instead. We have been a lot happier together since and the business has been fine, he’s been less stressed by not letting the business take over our entire lives and we are enjoying each others company again. We ceremoniously chucked the broken phones out too!”



“I remember during my consultation Amberli honed in on our spare sitting room where my husband and I spent a lot of time watching telly. She told me that the painting above my fireplace was really dragging the whole energy of the room down and without even discussing the art she asked me to tell her how I came to own it…. I realised it was all that was left from my divorce settlement and I even had to fight for it. Wow! Suddenly It was obvious and I didn’t want it any more. It felt great to take it down and we replaced it with one my husband and I bought on honeymoon. It felt so different – as if the sun had come out, and the colours matched the décor in the room much better then the previous one had anyway. What blew me away though was that night when my husband came home from work he brought me a bunch of flowers, which he had never done before! He didn’t even know about the picture or that the feng shui had happened that day! ”



The inner world of your thoughts and feelings are inextricably linked to your outer world – change one and you create a shift in the other