I want to establish insight boards as the incredible self empowerment method that they are in the Uk now that I live here. They have deep roots of many years so this is no latest bandwagon technique, many of which I have seen come and go in the field of self development.  So I gave myself the challenge of following the whispers of my intuition and avoiding usual pressurised methods to gain online popularity. I love insight boards and people who take the time  to recognise their value do too. I know they have the power to make a lot of difference in a lot of people lives due to their simplicity, ability to activate your inner coach in such a fascinating way and because of how inexpensive they are.

However, it’s noisy out there online and I have an aversion to pushy sales techninques so instead of getting stressed and burning out, I decided  I would approach this in a more subtle, transparent and stress free way by simply sharing how I use insight boards to guide me in my life and see who might be interested and then see what unfolds from there:

It’s a  bit of an experiment in a new marketing technique I call ~

What you are looking for is calling you!

I love this stage of making the mindfulness board, it unplugs you from all the noise – its full of anticipation and I have no idea what the creative process will produce….so here is the end result – or is it the beginning?!

Your mindfulness board automatically becomes an insight board if you decide you want to understand what  your deeper wisdom is telling you through your personal language of symbolism.  A symbol sums up a situation with a picture.

A  Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

I have so much to tell you about this – I didn’t know where to start so that’s why I decided to do this blog post: I don’t usually do this – it is so easy to judge especially if you have never experienced making these yourself – so I ask you to keep an open mind and to create one and explore it yourself – but here is an example of how they work;

Quick update on my life: Last year we immigrated from Nz where we had been living for 12 years, back to Uk. If you want to know what disruption is – move house! If you want to know what mega disruption on all levels is migrate!!…

Previous insight board when I first arrived here shows this image

For me this was like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz when the house lands in Oz – it was a disorientating time when I felt safer watching and listening and being a bit of a recluse. I am looking to see how the bunch of flowers I carry can be of value to this place I have arrived in- but I am looking out onto a garden in bloom! But then in this recent insight board – you can see I have ventured out….. same image different position!

….straight onto the leading edge!

I feel UK is the right place for me to be now, I don’t know why but I want to share with you the exciting cusp we are all on -that leading edge – that is reflected in this insight board because it is probably easier for me to see having been away and come back. When you live somewhere all the time it’s like the proverbial frog in boiling water – you don’t notice change as its happening.

But first – ah parenting – the toughest job in the world! As a parent of course I worry – and question should have, could have , would have? with so much happening while emmigrating there was a lot of balls in the air . I had to drop everything and focus on our youngest daughter who was understandably deeply affected by the sudden move and leaving behind all her friends and familiar life. This image reassures me that we are through the worst now. It shows me my parenting technique which I hadn’t realised is to just be there for her. There are no fanfares, no 10 point parenting tips, no do this don’t do thats, no me giving her advice or words of wisdom. It is simply about being available for her to take from me what she needs. That image of her knitting a scarf using my socks demonstrates the patience and trust in the process required to allow her to work it out for herself in her own time – to take from me and convert it into what is right for her. Wow! …. so what this insight does is it switches off my self doubt that was eating away at me at the time of creating this and switches on my trust in her process. Gently I get the message this is what is happening – its ok, she’s ok, you are ok.

The Queen of Hearts is a symbol for LEADERSHIP

People are stepping up now – everywhere – the old phrase “we are the ones we have been waiting for” springs to mind. See the words “We drive it , we define it”. In this image you see by her glasses that people are looking for heart centred leaders now – these people who are stepping up now are on the leading edge. The days of being manipulated and controlled are over, and people are unplugging from that old way of being…(ie: “you WILL look like Barbie and you will feel bad if you don’t”) thanks to the internet, its all transparent now. What has always been is no longer tolerated. It’s time. You can see all the buttons on her jacket reveal another leader and another leader. If we look from a place of competition and comparison we see each as a threat – if we look through the heart we see this job can not be done by one person – and nor would you want it to be. A good leader creates followers, a great leader creates leaders.

Again I need to show you a previous insight board to understand this one deeper:

This is about me thinking “how can I best teach insight boards?” you can see all the plates on her head while I contemplate! So that tells me this crockery set is linked with me thinking about it….






…..and elsewhere in the same board is this woman

To me, that pattern on her dress represents the previous ones above on the tea cup.The shift from head to body tells me her image is saying “don’t think about it” Be it. (embody your message)

Now back to this insight board

so yes I do know why this excites me!

My part in being on this leading edge lies in the insight board and the insight board cards (see example of one in image above) – this womans body stocking is made of a  similar material to the leader woman and the dress you saw in the previous insight boards, that tells me they are linked. This time here she is covered in cards. I created the insight board cards so that you can easily create this connection with your own inner knowing using this method to coach yourself. It is a personalised guidance system that brings you back home to yourself and plugs you into your intuition in the most fascinating way.

OK so now I know what the sofa is about and I know what the girl with heart cards body stocking is about – this insight board card helps me realise these two are connected because without noticing at the time of creating it – she sits directly above the sofa.

This gives me another “ahha” moment! I am a bit of a reluctant leader, but can’t run from it anymore – its that feeling when you have something too important to share and you just can’t hide from it anymore (lol no more hiding behind the couch!) This lets me see my particular approach to leadership is like being a parent allowing my socks to become a scarf! I always say my job is to get people on their feet and off enjoying their life – rather than to be following me forever! I walk beside people, not in front or behind. So actually I have been being a leader in that way for a long time.

I have always been really clear that as I create training for people keen to share insight boards I want to support each leader to develop their own way to use this method – a way that integrates with what they already offer. Being heart centred means you don’t operate in a manipulative way – you shine and attract that way. I aim to train insight board leaders in a way that compliments who you are and what you are about and you shine your particular standpoint on them and how they weave into what you already do.


Over a period of time of living in the question your insight board reveals its meaning to you. Every realisation comes with an undeniable “ahha” moment. It is a process of recognising what you have created has come from a wise inner part of you where your past, present and future connects and so insight boards have the power to guide you in your life. However that image and those words  “realise the potential in your extension” on the top left section had me confused. There was nothing I could relate it to; until now!

Of course, lockdown is the perfect situation to step up and let people know about insight boards! They process your internal mental and emotional health, give you a much needed outlet for stress, they are inexpensive, they are fascinating, kids can do them too and they connect you with your own intuition .

Lets face it, we will likely be heading into more lockdowns, (thats the extension part) and there will likely be mass unemployment, but please don’t panic, just be prepared; this is your time to reflect  and make the changes in your life that you’ve been wanting to make for a long time anyway. It can be challenging to trust the process but with Insight Boards they help you navigate your life with YOU at the centre creating ~ YOUR New Normal.

So here is another one I created when we went into first lock down:

This “focus” section here is me watching the upheaval  that the virus brought  – symbolised by the towels being upended and the white makes me think of the shock of the sudden change – like the colour from life has drained out. Remember earlier on in this  post I had been through a sudden massive change and also was shown what a heart centred leader is  – someone who creates leaders not followers . We must lead ourselves now and show others how to, we can no longer trust our leaders . “Are you shreddie or not?!” is telling me to get organised and share how we can do this!

It’s Time for Women Everywhere to Shine!

so I got to work! and you can see the coloured towels in an organised pile. That symbolises me creating step by step how to walk yourself from total chaos and devastation into a whole new life, while healing (suggested by the colour coming back) along the way, and as the words say so you can “get more out of life”. I have been doing that anyway one  on one for years as a therapist but now it is time to teach others how to teach others how to…

There is going to be so much change ahead; I don’t mean for the reasons that we are told. I mean because we have no choice now but to wake up to the lies, the power imbalance, the manipulation and it will all be replaced with truth. How smoothly that truth can come out is down to how able we are to carry and process our own hurt and so respond effectively and maturely in the present instead  of knee jerk reacting from past wounds. If you are still reading this, then you will be needed for this transition. 

These steps in the picture represent the  invite to use the journey to heal and so rise above it all. Make no mistake, it will be shocking  because we have been kept unaware of what goes on behind the curtain. I’ve fallen flat on my face at this several times already. Seeing the illusion yet still respecting it when it is leading the country over a cliff  is one of the most challenging  positions I’ve ever been in. Disruption is the only option and if  you look at the bottom left section of the first insight board with the  paint thrown at her back~hopefully by now you can read what that means! Being on the leading edge is not easy, it means you are ahead of the game, beating the track for others to follow, based on what you can see  is coming. They can’t see what  you can, YET and so  like I said this new marketing experiment “what you are looking for is calling you”  will come into its own then. So get prepared now!    Fortunately the lies are becoming so obvious now that the truth is becoming more apparent, especially as more  and more  people are speaking up, so the truth really can set us free.

They are the same lies I mentioned earlier in this post except the subject has changed, thats all. This is the challenge we face, but it is also full of potential for a complete and ultimately positive transformation, one like we have never seen before, it really is  up to us to steer our life to bring that about. See the car in that first insight board “you drive it, you define it” It just might be a bit of a bumpy ride to get there, so fasten your seat belt! One thing is for sure, it won’t be boring, and neither will your insight board be!

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