Insight Board Training ~ Make a Difference & Make A Living you Love

You’ve sussed insight boards rock!

You’ve got a gut feeling this is for you

You want to make a difference

You want to help people reclaim their brain from marketing manipulation?



This is not a one size fits all training! The Insight Board Training is firstly designed for you to enhance your own life through the materials and inject a sense of meaning, fun and purpose into it. As you learn, you shape and create your life, your way, with insight boards and the other training materials you can find on this site integrated into it and acting as your guide. This personal awakening journey is designed to reveal and celebrate your uniqueness as well as uncover your particular angle and message that insight boards act as a vehicle to help you to get across. When you get clear on this, it will be much easier to draw people to you and what you do, like a magnet!

Do You want to be a heart centred insight board leader?

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On this awakening journey you will discover and learn by both personal experience and practical theory:

Basic principles to live by that will make your life much easier & more enjoyable

Deepen your understanding of what insight boards do and how they work

Your personal language of symbolism, and how to apply this knowledge to your life.

The story of where insight boards came from

How to use insight boards as a life guide

How to use the cycle of change to get unstuck

How to make the action you take a hundred times more effective and satisfying.

How to help others find their personal language of symbolism and how to apply it to their life

Help others find the answer are inside them

Find your unique message & LAUNCH YOU into the world

Includes The Rare Opportunity to EARN while Your Learn!

(so you can fund your own training)

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