Insight Boards – the New Self Empowerment Method

Great things always begin from inside

Insight Boards work on the principle that A picture speaks a thousand words, they are like a phone call to a wise place inside you where the answers wait to be discovered

You Are Already More Than Enough As You Are
~Don’t be Manipulated – Be Empowered!

So many opinions, so much advice – do this, don’t do that
~ Who Will YOU choose to listen to? Come Back Home To Yourself

Give yourself the gift of time and space …. and be amazed

The difference between a vision board and an insight board is a vision board  puts the stake in the ground for where you want to get to; an insight board signposts your journey and guides you to know how to overcome obstacles (with or without a vision board).

Nelson & Christchurch – New Zealand

Every Insight Board has the potential to offer you a Turning Point – here are some examples from a couple of workshops held in New Zealand

The aim is for you to have your own “ahha” moments

An insight board makes the process of self development both fascinating and enjoyable by giving your creativity an outlet AND discovering a platform for you to tap into your own wisdom.

Believe In Yourself Again

Janette Kennedy - Christchurch NZ, Networker

“I see every part of my insight board is a part of me in some way. In the centre is a truly aligned being. It confirmed for me that as long as I attend to my vibration, all is perfect and I can move forward from that space in peace.”

Jillie TooGood - Christchurch NZ, Singer

“My insight board showed me how to get the life I wanted and soon after I left my stressful job and went for it!  I have created numerous traditional vision boards but this was so much more. Amberli is a talented, intuitive, loving woman who is very skilled at drawing out the best in people. She coached me on skype from UK afterwards!”

Insight Boards awaken your own wisdom. They are gentle, empowering and healing and are particularly helpful if you are no longer sure who to trust or who to believe to help or guide you.


Your Soul Loves The Truth


Ellen Thomsett - Artist & B&B host

“My Insight Board was spontaneous to create and reflected to me that I was full of strength and colour and that now it is MY time having brought up children.  Soon after I left my job as a special needs teacher & went travelling!”

When a realization bubbles up from inside you, you are far more likely to act on it than if someone else just tells you what to do

Evalena Glad – Sweden

“My Insight Board was all about what I needed to do to bring balance into my life. At first I thought the shhhhhhh image was about my
childhood conditioning; me being told to be quiet as a child, but
then I realised it was guiding me to be silent and go inwards, which
is exactly what has happened since I created it, and now I am
feeling very peaceful inside.”

Creating insight boards develops a healthy relationship with the inner world of your thoughts and feelings which are always creating your life without you necessarily realizing it.

Charlie Prior - NZ, Solo Mum & Gardener

“Wow! My first insight board made me realise that instead of being paid to look after other peoples gardens and then spend that money on food (and have not a lot left over), I could use my skills to plant my own veggies to feed me and my son, Furnace AND sell the left overs at market AND use my private gardening earnings for our other living expenses! ….so we went home and planted a veggie garden!”

When you think you can’t change your situation, what you can do is change your perspective on your situation ….. and that will often change your situation!

Plug Back into The Magic Of Life

Anna Mcveigh – Solo Mum & hypno birther

My insight board revealed my life as a solo mum and the desires of different parts of me; such as the desire to be surfing and full of energy, the desire to celebrate life and drink champagne, and to be a healthy, and natural human and parent, alongside the current lack of energy, frequent low mood and need to focus on healing. I realised that if I aim to be an authentic parent instead of a perfect one then it’s ok for me to have needs as well as my son & I can do that by giving myself permission to heal”

Discover the wholeness of YOU

You’ve Got This!

… Come Back Home To Yourself

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Insight Board Cards You are your own best coach

The cards are amazing, Amberli. With their help I was able to draw out stuff that was there but which I would have missed without their direction and the suggestions for further investigation of the different symbols that were on my board. I have read over my notes again and am amazed at the moment of insight and direction that was delivered to me through this easy and pleasurable activity.”

Ann Edwards

“I can vouch for these cards – they are amazing! I bought myself a pack to help with my insight board and they really do help me understand it. They are very thought provoking and insightful – definitely recommended. Thanks so much to the lovely Amberli for designing them”

Julie Lloyd

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