Attract Your Soulmate


Your relationship with yourself is surprisingly key to the success of your relationship with your future partner. When you feel differently about you, others will automatically respond to your openness.



Be heard –without judgment

  • Coaching session to share your relationship past, and desired future.
  • Feng shui assessment centred purely around the topic of your relationship(s) and overcoming challenges that your home has been supporting.
  • Personalized Feng Shui recommendations specifically to set intention for attracting your soul-mate: I use what you have available unless you request otherwise.
  • Your house plan (you supply) with feng shui life map drawn on to identify key relationship areas in your home.
  • A personalized Design inspiration board (online) to enhance your relationship prospects including where to apply. This will be in keeping with your design preferences and any decorating intentions you may have.
  • 9 steps to cloud 9 e-book – to help you stay true to yourself on the path to your dream.
  • 1 insight board relationship coaching session  (you make a mindfulness board and email to me beforehand)
  • 3 Relationship coaching sessions to help you heal and move on from your relationship past and use it to learn and help you move forward. Finding your heart and love inside you and regaining your trust in love and relationships. Includes relevant feng shui update check in.

Personalised Flower essences Boost

Mix of suited Australian flower essence bottle mailed to you after your feng shui session, based on what is revealed. Harness the support of nature by simply taking drops orally each day to assist you to let go of what is holding you back and to raise your wavelength, strengthening your love intention.





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