Conscious Business Boost (can be paid by instalments, ask for details)


A Conscious Business needs To Be financially sustainable, but it also requires a fresh awareness by its owner of the impact it has and can have to make a positive meaningful difference. Your well being as the businesses owner is key to the success of a conscious business that is on the leading edge.

 This package is multi-purpose:

  • To increase sales and clients by altering the feng shui of your premises/office/ shop and branding too if desired;
  • To improve the wellbeing and abundant mindset of the owner.
  • To identify further potential for making a positive difference and any overlooked financial opportunity. (especially the “low hanging fruit”!

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  • 1 online (or if local in person) one on one Coaching session covering your work/business past and desired future. This can be with any partners/colleagues as preferred. Rest assured this is 100% confidential.
  • Feng shui assessment of your premises/shop or office/or home, centred purely around the topic of how to improve your businesses success, assist with overcoming any identified challenges and for changing any specific repeated undesirable scenarios. Eg: no follow through on leads, customers walk in shop and straight back out, staff disputes etc.
  • Personalized Feng Shui recommendations specifically for attracting clients/increasing sales and addressing any specified challenges or desires taking into consideration any design/renovation/decorating intentions. I use what you have available unless you request otherwise. Recommendations creatively respect your business image and needs.
  • Astrology: Know the recommended times for following through on any of your upcoming plans or for avoiding at certain times. Think of this as ensuring the soil you plant your company seeds in is fertile, and ready for growth rather than dormant.
  • Buyer psychology incorporated into retail outlets or online where appropriate/ relevant. Eg: analyzing the path of the customer and aligning products of interest so more easily noticed. If no shop/premises then the online equivalent (analysis only – for you to follow through on info)
  • Your premises or house plan (you supply) with feng shui life map drawn on, identify key areas of your building based on your consultations focus.
  • logo assessed from feng shui perspective –relevant suggestions made based on your desires and in accordance with any future plans, eg: if you are considering a brand change/new website/ logo change or if in future you might be. Branding colour palette analysed or new one suggested to support consultations focus. Includes Amberli liasing verbally with your chosen designer if desired.
  • Feng Shui and marketing bullet point report with discoveries made, simple do-able feng shui and marketing changes required to rectify identified situation with suggested ideas. Clear directions that are easy to follow through.
  • 3 Business Owner solution focussed well being coaching sessions to be discussed in confidence and to ensure you are supporting your business success with an abundant mind-set to attract more wealth and opportunity, includes feng shui update check in.

For companies outside of Bristol, Cotswolds or London: Feng Shui can be done as effectively online for smaller one-man businesses or home-based businesses only. For larger companies this is best carried out in situ, so please discuss your needs and add travel/accom expenses.

+Note for the online option you will need a stable wifi connection and mobile device; ideally an ipad or a smartphone. Amberli uses google earth for feng shui locations and Zoom or Skype for screen sharing and video call so you can walk round your house.


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