Insight Board Cards


Discover a life time of access to your own ahha moments!

Insight Board Card Pack

Included with your purchase:

  • 40 cards with questions about your insight board to lead you to your own ahha moments YOU can do this!
  • a physical instruction book
  • optional online step by step videos to follow
  • facebook group guidance


What peeps are saying:

“Using the insight board cards is such an easy, pleasurable, positive and enlightening way to have a conversation with your soul in order to get on the same page”

“I am amazed at the amount of insight and direction that was delivered to me through this easy and pleasurable activity.”

“The Insight board cards are amazing, Amberli. With their help I was able to draw out stuff that was there but which I would have missed without their direction”

“The instructions were easy to follow and it was amazing what was drawn out by the prompting of the cards. Thank you for putting the pack together and working to bring insight boards to the attention of seekers”

“I can vouch for these cards – they are amazing! I bought myself a pack to help with my insight board and they really do help me understand it. They are very thought provoking and insightful – definitely recommended. Thanks so much lovely Amberli for designing them”

You Are Your Own Best Coach!

I designed the insight board cards, instruction booklet and online videos for people who don’t know who to trust anymore. They develop your ability to read your personal language of symbolism so you can open up a refreshing new perspective & gain personalized guidance on your own life ~ Amberli Hartwell


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