I’m not one to spread false news but I’d imagine she would say:

“NHS Staff Should Be Paid Hush Money instead of being charged for parking!

It’s not nice to be silenced and see the truth, yet know your opinion is not welcome. Without realising it NHS staff are joining forces with complimentary health practitioners across the nation now, except you have only had a few months of  it, we have had a  life time, and a guts full. To start scraping the surface of the depth of this situation we are in now, ask yourself honestly where your opinion of complimentary health came from. Did it start in med school? How often were you told to stay away from this nonsense? Did you watch Doc Martin? Did you notice, yet another message that complimentary health practitioners have nothing to  offer and cause more trouble than they are worth? Have you subtley been picking up the message that pharmaceuticals are king? When was the last  time someone suggested you take Vitamin C to boost your immune system? What was your knee jerk reaction?

This is our reality and it is time you knew about it. You, like us genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of your patients. Did you know that a simple onion poultice is a good treatment for coronavirus? No of course not, and did you think “don’t be ridiculous” when you saw that?  Yet why would nature not be able to provide an answer to the biggest threat on our health? I ‘ll tell you why, because that would be the biggest threat to the roll out of the vaccination campaign.

Until you see that health is an industry that does not have your best interests at heart, we will never beat the real virus ~ LIES.

Still don’t beleive me?  Did you know that it is illegal to say the word “cure” unless the same sentence includes “drug” . We actually have to say eg: we  “treat” back pain, migraines, headaches, pain even when we regularly see miracles before our eyes. Many practitioners hold the key to an exciting merged health future whereby one size does not fit all and pressure could be reduced on the system. Within half an hour of hearing about the coronavirus I made some calls and knew where  I could get tested for it, what to take to prevent it and what to take to treat it, because some people are plugged in to what is going on and can see what is coming and are ready for it. Yet what could I do with that information? Could I shout “I have the cure” NO that would be illegal. Could I  say “would you like an alternative test that will show you a picture of your whole health including this virus?” NO that would have been “fake news” Could I say “would you like to know what can prevent this virus?” NO. because the media narrative says “Fake claims are being made to be able to treat virus”  However do you realise the media narrative is owned by those who hold the monopoly on your health? As we say “follow the money”

While the world ran out of toilet paper and paracetemol many of us rallied round dug deep and got hold of  the bigger picture, and beleive me it is an ugly one. We tried to work out how to  create an antidote for the upcoming vaccine, because we have been picking the pieces up from the damage this model is doing to the nations health for years. Our conclusion is it is such a corrupt system that  we HAVE TO speak up now. We can no longer continue to hide because this one quite simply has us stumped. The  only prevention we can find is not to have it in the first place. What  are we called? “antivaxxers” NO we are FOR health, and we are FOR collaboration. Our prime minister has said

“Data is Key”

We agree! We have 40 years of DATA that we need  to share now

“we must collaborate on this”

We agree, but then in the same breath he says

“we must make that choice” .

That is not choice! A choice is two or more options and those DO exist.

All we want is for people to be able to choose, but a mandatory global vaccine that Bill Gates proposes will take away choice, so if that is the future we face,  the best we can hope for is INFORMED choice. It is time to get informed. If  you knew what we knew there is NO WAY you would walk into this slaughter house that awaits us.  Do your own research, but as a newly hatched “‘conspiracy researcher” you will find anything outside of the mainstream narrative will strangely vanish, be pulled down or fact checkers will invalidate what  you are reading. Who fact checks the fact checkers? Who funds the fact checkers? These are all the new questions that we need  to investigate now. We  can no longer be silenced and you shouldn’t be either. For years we have been called “alternative health” while we call ourselves “complimentary health”, muzzled and waiting for the opportunity to share our vast knowledge,  experience, discoveries, DATA and consistent results. However the word “data protection” just took on a whole new meaning because we will need to be protected before we can give any data to anyone. That is the world  that has been created here.

We have made sure you can not see our success except for in the bounce of the step of our patients as they leave behind the weight  of their illness, the twinkle in their eye as they found what worked for them after years of struggle. Isn’t that just the best part of your job? Thats why YOU do it? The difference is we have been free, (although not for much longer if their plans are rolled out) to create our own system built on foundations of caring deeply and loving what we do, and we can do it without the pressure and stress you have to work under. Given the back up of work to catch up on since lockdown , if the health system was not a business first model we could reduce some of that pressure AND ironically the costs too, if  you were allowed to work with us. However therein lies the  problem, anyone who has tried has lost their medical licence. We know you care too, thats why you do this job; but you are not informed. Yet you have been lead to think WE are not informed.

Where have we been hiding you may wonder? Our marketing is not slick like in your industry. We are not in it for the money, we just want our patients to feel good and enjoy their lives and clients/ patients somehow find us when thier need is greatest. If someone would benefit more from seeing someone else we send them over. Imagine what could be acheived if we all joined forces, compared  our discoveries and put  the  wisdom of  the body at the heart of all our work? Sounds like a pipe dream? Lets test what is possible when we ask new questions and open ourselves  to complimenting each others approaches with one question being our focus; what works? There is really no alternative to get out of this mess.

There is Hope!

The first thing we can do is push the message BE PATIENT. That is why a patient is called a patient; healing takes time. It is impossible to find a safe vaccine in the record time you are being told it has been found without irreparable damage being done. The  one thing even WHO can not buy is time. Check out the chart above to see what CAN be bought and has been bought: That equals YOUR PERCEPTION. I know it is not easy to see you’ve been conned so if you need to see evidence then check out who owns the patent for the coronavirus, and when it was bought. You can not patent somerthing that is natural, from nature, but  you can patent something that is engineered.  You have been sold nothing short of a cruel marketing campaign; Problem, Reaction, Solution. This vaccine has never been used on humans before and will irreversibly  change our  DNA, if we innocently walk into this trap beleiving it will  protect us, we are done. That  is why people are finally coming out from behind the scenes to speak up about it, but make no mistake they are risking their lives to do it. Can you imaghine how hurtful it is to  be labelled “anti vaxxer” when we are trying our best to help you under the most challenging of circumstances.  Lets change this health conversation, end the insanity and finally get the truth out. Join us for a new health conversation and direction. Meanwhile #prescribekindness

Plan B is coming soon.