Congratulations! “One day” is finally here, you are already perfectly imperfect just as you are, no matter what shape or size! Now it’s time to live your life from the inside out, instead of outside in, unplug from all the noise, rewrite the rules to suit yourself & be unapologetically YOU…


“Your body is not an ornament it’s the vehicle to your dreams”

– TARYN BRUMFITT founder of Body image Movement



Is it time now for you to stop playing small, stand tall, speak up and shine your light bright?

Can you feel it?!

For eons women have been lead to believe they are not thin enough, pretty enough, good enough, just not enough as they are (except their waist –that’s enough – in fact “too much”) All to keep them from stepping into  their greatness. Women are manipulated to obsess over diets and looking right, forever staying a consumer searching for perfection that doesnt exist. So don’t believe you are not enough as you are, it’s a lie…& a waste of life (pardon the pun!)


I can guide you to find The Courage and Confidence to Be the Real You that you know is in there somewhere!

Kick I Am Not Enough To The Curb!

Kick I Am Not Enough To The Curb!

So apart from making a vision board what else can you do to move forward so you are empowered even though messages aim to disempower you?! 

Insight Boards – Great Things Begin From Inside

An insight board taps into your inborn ability to navigate your own life. Learn how to read yours to signpost your personal best way forward by revealing a fresh perspective, shifting your attitude or/and spelling out your choices so that making decisions and being true to yourself is a lot easier.

For example this one told me “just because you lost the colour in your hair doesn’t mean you have to lose the colour in your life!”

9 Steps to Cloud 9

With so many outer influences telling you what you want and selling you the end result, you wind up losing touch with your self, leading to an “is this it?” dissatisfied feeling. 

9 steps to cloud 9 is a coaching process designed to guide you on an inner journey away from being stuck in “there is something wrong with me I need to fix” to using the good, bad and ugly from your life as a resource, so you can find passion and purpose from the inside out & get your mojo back! 

Fresh Start Feng Shui

It’s not just about keeping your loo seat down and having a perfect home – I promise! Feng Shui is the most overlooked yet exciting link between home & life improvement. Not only is it fun & creative; it adds a whole new dimension to your interior because being in a feng shui’ed building is like living or working in a giant 3D interactive vision board!

It affects you in a new and positive way every day, often changing how you feel & think, turbo charging your dreams into reality, the dreams that go way beyond having a nice house (although that does happen too!).

Rise & Shine ~ 9 Steps To Cloud 9 

Your unconscious mind is known to be a lot more than 30 000 times more powerful than your conscious mind! This short and succinct unique e-book is designed for you to access this powerful resource and so coach yourself. This inside out approach to your life is explained in simple terms,  for you to apply to your own situations to produce more satisfying and rewarding outer results.

Take The Design Your Life Challenge & Find YOUR New Direction

This daily 10 day online course helps you to sort the wheat from the chaff to get really clear and specific about the whole of the fulfilling and meaningful life YOU want to live. If owning more stuff isn’t your goal, but you don’t know what is, or if you have fulfilled your dreams but find you are still not happy, then this is for you.

So Are you Ready…….


To Stop Being a Round Peg in a Square Hole?

To Give Up Trying to please others & start pleasing yourself?

To Redefine Success and Perfection on your own terms

To shoot for the moon?

“Amberli has been instrumental in helping me to find my voice, reclaim my confidence and embrace who I really am.”

Sonia Therese, Christchurch, NZ

“Amberli is a beautiful and passionate women who I believe works deeply on a soulful level. I will be eternally grateful for the healing, her presence and the gifts she has given to me within these sessions. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with or alongside Amberli will be truly blessed.”

Astarea Rae from Christchurch ~ to Australia 

“My life has been transformed and I feel alive for the first time in years! Thank you Amberli for being You. Your ability to facilitate such a special journey with compassion, understanding and love is incredible. Thank you.”

Rosie Frost – Nelson, NZ 

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